Per-Olof Berggren, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Per-Olof Berggren

Professor Per-Olof Berggren has done pioneering work regarding the fundamental mechanisms regulating the stimulus-response coupling in the endocrine pancreas with seminal contributions within the fields of insulin secreting pancreatic β-cell Ca2+ handling, phosphorylated inositol compounds and insulin receptor operated signaling. Since a conceptually novel approach is needed to clarify pancreatic β-cell signal-transduction in health and disease in the living organism, he developed an elegant and versatile in vivo experimental platform. This platform uses the anterior chamber of the eye as a transplantation site and the cornea as a natural body window for imaging. This allows non-invasive and longitudinal studies of pancreatic β-cell function and survival at single cell resolution. This is clinically important in the development of both novel therapeutical concepts in the treatment of diabetes and effective high potency predictive tests for islet function in transplantation.

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