Matthias Kretzler, University of Michigan Health System, USA

Matthias Kretzler

Matthias Kretzler, MD is a Professor of Internal Medicine/Nephrology and Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics. He is PI of the Multidisciplinary research team in diabetic endorgan damage at U Michigan, the U54 Nephrotic Syndrome Research Network (NEPTUNE) in the Rare Disease Clinical Research Network II, Director of the Applied Systems Biology Core in the O’Brien Renal Center at UMichigan. He has 18 years of experience in integration of bioinformatics, molecular and clinical approaches in more than 200 collaborative studies. He and his team focus is on interdisciplinary data integration of large-scale data sets generated in prospective cohort studies of CKD across species, tissues and diseases. Using systems biology approaches he and his team defines regulatory networks activated in human glomerular diseases. This approach has allowed the identification and validation of molecular prognostic biomarkers of diabetic kidney disease and successful developments of molecularly targeted therapies in glomerular disease in public-private partnerships.

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