Gene Tools

Gene Tools

Gene Tools, LLC designs and manufactures Morpholino antisense oligos. Morpholino oligos bind to complementary RNA and get in the way of processes; they can knock down gene expression, modify RNA splicing and inhibit miRNA activity and maturation, among other applications. Morpholinos are the premier knockdown tools used in developmental biology labs, the best RNA-blocking reagents for cells in culture and, as Vivo-Morpholinos, the most specific delivery-enhanced oligos available for animal models.

Our scientists are continually developing novel cytosolic delivery systems like 'Endo-Porter' for cultured cells and ‘Vivo-Morpholinos’ for both cultures and in vivo delivery. With established delivery technologies it's easy to deliver Morpholinos into cultures, embryos and animals making Morpholinos the best tools for genetic studies and drug target validation programs. Backed by Ph.D.-level customer support, Gene Tools is the sole commercial manufacturer selling research quantities of Morpholinos world-wide.

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